Good Faith Effort

Hosted by Rabbi Dr Ari Lamm

The Hebrew Bible is every bit America’s moral founding document as the Constitution is our political founding document. Every week, Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm, speaks with thinkers, writers, artists, and faith leaders to explore how the Bible continues to inform our lives today, from politics to psychology to pop culture, bringing Americans of different traditions and persuasions closer together as so much else threatens to pull us apart.

Latest Episode

Leah Boustan - The Bible and Big Data: Ep. 31

We’re living in a golden age of using big data to understand and change our world. So how does the Biblical tradition think about data and it’s benefits and dangers for society? This week Rabbi Lamm unpacked all this with Princeton economist Leah Boustan, one of the world experts on... Show more

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Us Among the Israelis

Hosted by Carrie Keller-Lynn and Aliza Landes

Us Among the Israelis is an engaging, insightful, and totally unexpected look at what it’s like to live in the world’s most interesting country. From getting used to living in a country where everyone serves in the army to making peace with customer service in a country where no one ever stands in line, Carrie Keller-Lynn and Aliza Landes, two American immigrants to Israel, explore the mysteries, frustrations, and joys of life in Israel.

Latest Episode

Maayan Berkovits - Loving Israel Through Our Feet: EP15

Why are Israelis so outdoorsy? What roles do Israel’s pioneer roots and citizens’ army play in outdoor culture? And how does outdoor culture interact with larger dynamics in Israeli society, such as gender? Carrie and Aliza speak with survivalist Maayan Berkovits, who specializes in building women and girls’ confidence in the... Show more

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The Rabbi's Husband

Hosted by Mark Gerson

The Torah (Bible) is the fundamental text of Biblical and Western thought and it is a guidebook for our lives. Mark Gerson, The Rabbi’s Husband, will explore the greatest hits of Jewish thought in conversation with some of the most interesting thinkers from varying religious persuasions. The discussions on this show will reflect the understanding that the Torah and all associated books are intended to guide us through our challenges and in our decisions today. We will strive to understand how Torah passages, Biblical verses and ancient teachings can guide us towards happier, clearer and more meaningful lives today. We will show how the most helpful answers to the pressing contemporary questions are provided in the Biblical stories, characters, laws and commentaries that constitute our ancient heritage. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and by signing up for our newsletter at https://bit.ly/TRHnews. For more, head to our site https://www.therabbishusband.com/podcasts. To submit a question, please email mark@therabbishusband.com

Latest Episode

Michal Oshman — Learning, Education, and Pursuit of Happiness S2 Ep.9

Michal Oshman, head of company culture, diversity, and inclusion at Tik Tok Europe and Author of “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” shares her life’s story with Mark Gerson.  From changing her religious ways at the age of 38, to parenthood, marriage, and business – it’s an episode... Show more

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The Deal with Nissim Black

Hosted by Nissim Black

Real, raw, and riveting, The Deal features Israeli-American Hasidic rapper and faith leader Nissim Black in conversation with some of the most influential and insightful thinkers, activists, and artists working today, talking about the intersections of identity, ideas, and culture.

The Deal with Nissim Black is a production of The Joshua Network.

Latest Episode

Episode #5: Fatman Scoop

The musician and IG personality joins Nissim to discuss the history of rap, not believing everything you hear on television, and the value of being unabashedly yourself The Deal with Nissim Black is produced by The Joshua Network.

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Shania Brenson

Hosted by CEO of 15M Finance

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Who isn't. But here’s a solution. Join us as we dive into the exciting world of investing with Shania Brenson – Financial Expert who knows the shortcut to financial freedom. Let’s explore the various investment options available to you and learn how to start today, even with a low budget. With our expert guidance and practical tips, you can take control of your finances and secure your future. It’s an episode you deffinitely won’t want to miss!

Shania Brenson – Knows How You Can Invest in Your Future. Show Coming Soon

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Jane and Jesus

Hosted by Karen Swallow Prior

What is the life worth living? What are our obligations to ourselves and to others? What does love mean, and how might we embody virtue?. These questions are as ancient as humanity’s primordial pursuit for self-understanding, and our podcast will examine them and others by looking at the surprising intersections of two figures: Jesus Christ and Jane Austen.

By closely reading a different one of Austen’s novels each season, and by examining her characters in light of Christ’s teachings, we hope to shed light on both, presenting a take on literature and popular culture that is as edifying as it is entertaining.

Show Coming Soon

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Andrew Garner

CEO of Cash Loans for Less

Gave us the honor by joining us to talk about what payday loans are for ordinary people and what alternatives to them can now the lending industry offer. On this podcast, he shares his unique knowledge of how the payday lending industry really works and shows us perspective on why borrowers need these sorts of loans, how lending companies can use payday lending more efficiently to help people solve their problems without financial stress, and why a 60-second approval process was the key to making Cash Loans for Less’s products more effective and accessible.

Andrew’s Key Takeaways

  • Payday lenders create a great experience for borrowers with bad credit, although some people consider these cash advances a “pure evil”. However, being cautious with payday loans is a key point for your positive lending experience. Borrowers should take out only the amount they need, even if they were approved for more. There are also some situations when payday loans may be a bad idea. Mr. Garner recommends obtaining a paycheck cash advance strictly for emergencies.
  • It doesn’t matter how hard you try and how important and useful the work you do, someone will always be dissatisfied with your job. However, if it is a driving force that makes you keep your values and stick to your morals, it doesn’t matter.
  • Payday loans came about because of things traditional lenders don’t do. They allow people to get the money they need shortly after applying and without affecting credit scores. Payday loans also offer a fast application process with no faxing or unnecessary paperwork. People use payday loans because they are easy to get and offer borrowers the terms and conveniences banks and credit unions can’t offer.