Us Among the Israelis

Carrie Keller-Lynn and Aliza Landes 23 Episodes

Us Among the Israelis is an engaging, insightful, and totally unexpected look at what it’s like to live in the world’s most interesting country. From getting used to living in a country where everyone serves in the army to making peace with customer service in a country where no one ever stands in line, Carrie Keller-Lynn and Aliza Landes, two American immigrants to Israel, explore the mysteries, frustrations, and joys of life in Israel.

Push the Button: Ep. 20

August 4, 2021 00:53:45

What are the fundamental dynamics driving the Israeli Knesset and the decisions it makes? What Flexibility do individual MKs have to vote for their consciences, versus rubber stamp for their parties? And even though Israelis elect 120 MKs, why do only a handful wield real power. In our last episode of season 1, Carrie and Aliza speak with Michael Oren, Former Israeli Ambassador to the... Show more

How (Not) to Get a Gun: Ep.19

July 21, 2021 00:44:13

While the image of teenage IDF soldiers toting M-16s is ubiquitous, can those same soldiers obtain a private weapon post-service? Do Israelis see private gun ownership as a right? And why can’t our IDF-veteran hosts get a handgun license? Carrie and Aliza talk with Nadav Kalmar, a professional shooting instructor and two-decade veteran of the nation’s security establishment. They speak about Israeli attitudes toward and culture around... Show more

Yafo Yafa Jaffa: Ep. 18

July 14, 2021 00:43:24

What is Yafo and who lives there? Yafo is seamlessly integrated into Tel Aviv…… or is it? And why is it, that during the May 2021 conflict with Hamas, citizens of Yafo faced riots, while just steps north in Tel Aviv, the streets were calm? Carrie and Aliza speak with lifelong Yafo resident Hilal Habashi to hear a personal perspective on the community and how... Show more

Got Questions?

July 8, 2021 00:00:57

Carrie and Aliza are taking this week off as they get ready to put the final touches on this season’s last 3 episodes. Carrie has a message about the upcoming Summer Mailbox Episodes! She’s asking you to write in with your burning questions about life in Israel. Us Among the Israelis is a part of The Joshua Network, sign up for news about the show... Show more

Killing the Dead Sea: Ep. 17

June 30, 2021 00:33:58

Why has the Dead Sea shrunk more than 40% in the last 100 years? Can it be saved, or have we passed the point of no return? Why are companies still allowed to profit off of its mineral harvest? Where are the Israeli and Jordanian governments in this story? Carrie and Aliza speak with Dr. Clive Lipchin, the Director of the Center for Transboundary Water... Show more

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