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The Torah (Bible) is the fundamental text of Biblical and Western thought and it is a guidebook for our lives. Mark Gerson, The Rabbi’s Husband, will explore the greatest hits of Jewish thought in conversation with some of the most interesting thinkers from varying religious persuasions. The discussions on this show will reflect the understanding that the Torah and all associated books are intended to guide us through our challenges and in our decisions today. We will strive to understand how Torah passages, Biblical verses and ancient teachings can guide us towards happier, clearer and more meaningful lives today. We will show how the most helpful answers to the pressing contemporary questions are provided in the Biblical stories, characters, laws and commentaries that constitute our ancient heritage. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and by signing up for our newsletter at For more, head to our site To submit a question, please email

Michal Oshman — Learning, Education, and Pursuit of Happiness S2 Ep.9

May 27, 2021 00:29:43

Michal Oshman, head of company culture, diversity, and inclusion at Tik Tok Europe and Author of “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” shares her life’s story with Mark Gerson.  From changing her religious ways at the age of 38, to parenthood, marriage, and business – it’s an episode you won’t want to miss!  Check out this amazing source in the original right here.

Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich — Listening For The Voice Of God S2 E8

May 13, 2021 00:31:07

Rabbi Aaron Flanzarich, better known as “Rabbi Aaron,” leader of the Toronto Jewish community, joins Mark to discuss listening to the word of God throughout the day and how a part of the Bible exemplifies how God speaks consistently to each and every one of us. Follow along in Sefaria here.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer — From Pain to Pleasure S2 E7

May 6, 2021 00:34:03

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Co-Author of Heavenly Sex: Sexuality in the Jewish Tradition, Holocaust Survivor, and sniper in the Israel War of independence, joins Mark to discuss her journey from being an orphan to becoming America’s sex therapist and how an age-old rabbinic text influenced her life.  See the link to her verse here in Sefaria (  The Rabbi’s Husband is a part of The Joshua... Show more

Tim Mackie – From Skateboarding to Bible Scandals S2 E6

April 29, 2021 00:23:15

Tim Mackie, Chief Education Officer at the Bible Project, joins Mark to discuss his Oregonian origins, talking Leviticus at the skate park, and the Biblical sex scandal that reveals how the outsider can shape insider culture.  Here is the link to the verse on

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch – Spirituality in Silence S2 E5

April 22, 2021 00:24:05

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch, Chief Innovation Officer at American Jewish University in LA, joins Mark to discuss what is Jewish spirituality, the experience of a 2000 person, non-Zoom Shivah, and the power of silence in the darkest moments. Here is the link to the verse on

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