Good Faith Effort

Rabbi Dr Ari Lamm 40 Episodes

The Hebrew Bible is every bit America’s moral founding document as the Constitution is our political founding document. Every week, Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm, speaks with thinkers, writers, artists, and faith leaders to explore how the Bible continues to inform our lives today, from politics to psychology to pop culture, bringing Americans of different traditions and persuasions closer together as so much else threatens to pull us apart.

Nick Hall - Talking Religion With Strangers: Ep.36

July 20, 2021 00:38:10

We live in a society where it’s considered impolite, gauche, or just downright unsophisticated to talk about God and religion in public spaces, or with strangers. So what would it take to ignore all those social conventions? What kind of person does the “weird” thing and talks about God with others? And how might other people, from totally different traditions, get comfortable doing the same... Show more

Alex Jones — Prayer in Silicon Valley: Ep.35

July 13, 2021 00:37:56

We talk a lot on this podcast about the future of faith and technology, but what does it look like to actually be the one building that future? This week, Rabbi Lamm spoke to Alex Jones, Founder and CEO of Hallow, the #1 Catholic app, devoted to connecting people to prayer. They spoke about different journeys towards faith; what it’s like to be a person... Show more

Anika Prather — The Classics and the Black and Jewish Communities: Ep. 34

July 6, 2021 00:36:56

Howard University in Washington, D.C., is the nation’s only historically Black university with a Classics department, but in May of this year it eliminated it. Dr. Anika Prather, who taught Classics at Howard, joined Rabbi Lamm to unpack the consequences of this decision. They explored what Classics have meant to Black identity and liberty in America; how the Jewish perspective on Classical civilization — the... Show more

Os Guinness — Hebrew Wisdom for America: Ep. 33

June 29, 2021 00:28:09

Whenever humanity manages to build something worth preserving, whether a family, a community or an entire society, the biggest threat to its future is simply forgetting how you built it in the first place! Forgetting the values and ideas that lie at its foundation. That’s the challenge we have today: we, as a country, got here through the wisdom of the Hebrew Bible and Hebrew... Show more

Joab Rosenberg — Startups and Philosophy: Ep. 32

June 22, 2021 00:25:29

The limits of AI make it clear that humans aren’t about to be replaced by robots. But anyone who reads the Bible understands that humans have a lot of room to improve and even transform themselves! And increasingly, we’re learning that the best way for humans to become better is for us to become closer, and that means more discussion, more conversation, even more disagreement! So how do we... Show more

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