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The Hebrew Bible is every bit America’s moral founding document as the Constitution is our political founding document. Every week, Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm, speaks with thinkers, writers, artists, and faith leaders to explore how the Bible continues to inform our lives today, from politics to psychology to pop culture, bringing Americans of different traditions and persuasions closer together as so much else threatens to pull us apart.

Elon Gold - A Tale of Two Jewboys: Ep. 39

August 10, 2021 00:49:18

How do we confront the new antisemitism in American life, including the rise of anti-Israel animus on the New Left? Rabbi Lamm has actor and comedian Elon Gold join him, to do a deep dive. They talk Elon’s own experiences with antisemitism; the rise of social media-based anti-Jewishness; Elon’s confrontation with Seth Rogen; why “In The Heights” and “Ramy” are much better Jewish film and... Show more

Sohrab Ahmari - Tradition Will Set You Free: Ep. 38

August 3, 2021 00:43:54

American society is deeply in need of a moral and cultural revival. Any successful version of that is going to need to be both revolutionary enough to ignite the imagination and true enough to the stories and values of our past, to the liberty and freedom embedded in the promise of America to keep us grounded. What resource can we possibly uncover that could satisfy these conditions? This week,... Show more

Sherry Turkle - Keeping Secrets: Ep.37

July 27, 2021 00:31:06

Digital tech isn’t just another tool for humans to use, no different than a bow and arrow, or a fork. It fundamentally shapes who we are. So what do we do in an era where all information is available to us at the click of a button? Should we want to keep more things secret? Or are secrets debilitating things, and our task should be... Show more

Nick Hall - Talking Religion With Strangers: Ep.36

July 20, 2021 00:38:10

We live in a society where it’s considered impolite, gauche, or just downright unsophisticated to talk about God and religion in public spaces, or with strangers. So what would it take to ignore all those social conventions? What kind of person does the “weird” thing and talks about God with others? And how might other people, from totally different traditions, get comfortable doing the same... Show more

Alex Jones - Prayer in Silicon Valley: Ep.35

July 13, 2021 00:37:56

We talk a lot on this podcast about the future of faith and technology, but what does it look like to actually be the one building that future? This week, Rabbi Lamm spoke to Alex Jones, Founder and CEO of Hallow, the #1 Catholic app, devoted to connecting people to prayer. They spoke about different journeys towards faith; what it’s like to be a person... Show more

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